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  • techskill
    08-12 02:34 AM
    There is something fishy. Its not possible that he could apply for 485 with the PD of September 2006 in June 2007 . Only people with priority date with June 2003 and earlier could apply. I know this because our PD is July 2003 and we applied only in July 2007. Please people stop this.

    Since your PD is June 2003, you could have applied in June 2007 because in June Visa bulletin(released in May ) it moved till April 2004.

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  • Openarms
    12-17 11:52 AM
    I think most of the members in this forum updated their data, at least from EB3 India I am sure. If you guys can pull data according to PD from administration console, you should be able get some valuable data to show. I wondered why this has not been done so far??? million dollar question???

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  • kevinkris
    05-23 02:10 PM
    Subscription Payment Sent (Unique Transaction ID #9AK05597S18798425)
    In reference to:S-472207269L710703U

    Original Transaction
    Date Type Status Details Amount
    May 23, 2008 Payment To Immigration Voice Completed ... -$50.00 USD

    Everyone subscribe... I was skeptic before just like you. But it's NOW or NEVER..
    YES WE CAN.. Go IV..

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  • newbie2020
    12-11 08:17 AM
    Looks like they are changing the spillover rules again from Horizontal to Vertical this is bad news for EB2 I


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  • cirigadi
    09-10 05:37 PM
    I just contributed another $100 from Google checkout.
    Best of luck..

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  • snathan
    08-23 02:33 PM
    There is a difference, my friend. Porting to EB2 means you have to spend LOTS of $$$ and time and effort to get masters degree.
    No matter how you look at it, it is not wise to hack away at any door that's open to all. We should look at expanding our vistas, not shrink it. What if I tell you I am thinking of starting up a co in India, so some day I can make it here using the EB1 route? Why do you want to prevent me from availing this opportunity and making my sacrifices -- just because you feel it will help YOU move forward by ONE INCH?

    How about people are using it as a loop hole and smack you down. Just because you have the option, it does not mean the right thing.


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  • eb3_nepa
    07-05 11:56 AM
    1) Get the phone and fax numbers of the local office from the senate and house websites
    2) Call the local office and get the name of the "Immigration In-charge"
    3) Fax a personalized copy addressed to the Senator/Congressperson but on the VERY top say "Attention Mr in-charge} ",to the immigration in-charge.
    4) Follow up after a few hours with phone call.

    PLEASE WRITE PERSONALIZED Letters Explaining YOUR OWN PLIGHT. PLEASE DO NOT Depend on Templatized faxes.

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  • hotammo
    07-15 01:26 PM
    Confirmation Number: 7YF4N-40L42


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  • makemygc
    08-02 04:03 PM
    I have talked to a representative and he very patiently explained me about the mess.
    He clearly and very clearly told me that they have a deadline to send all receipts for June end and July 2nd filers by friday (tomorrow) or worst case monday.

    He mentioned that they are working hard to meet this deadline.
    Hope this clears the anxiety.

    Any updates for TSC who sent their applications to NSC??

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  • mirage
    08-18 02:52 PM
    Please don't wait to reach a consenus on the content, take a cue from this letter and modify it to put your own experience..bottomline is to get the word out to Senator Cornyn & Rep. Lofgren. I am sure they will do something if we can get them this info...
    Please continue to post your comments on the letter - the sooner we can all agree upon the content, the sooner we can start sending these out.

    Also, is there a possibility of having a common meeting (all retrogressed EB3 candidates) with Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren expressing our situation - just a thought.


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  • csriram45
    09-09 05:59 PM
    Came to US in Aug 1997. My first company start up closed in 2002 recession and so joined another which by the time started the process etc.. delayed till Sep 2004 PD with EB3.
    13 years in the US and waiting....

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  • anilnag
    02-23 01:49 PM
    We can predict EB2 movement but EB3 is kind of gone case for this year too. Without any CIR, we can just pray that EB2 for all countries become current or at least move until july fiasco date (Aug 2007) so that spillover starts trickling to EB3.

    Since EB2 I/C after Aug 2007 PD haven't filed their I-485 yet so the visa numbers if any left out by clearing until Aug 2007 should go to EB3I (the most retrogressed country). I don't see it happening this year but in 2010 it's a possibility.


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  • lonedesi
    08-06 12:45 PM
    Please leave a comment on this thread after you have mailed the Form & letter. We need to get an idea regarding how many people actually took the time to send out the letters. Your post will motivate people who are just watching to join us in this campaign.

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  • AllVNeedGcPc
    03-22 09:42 PM
    ... I thought all 485s from our times were already pre-adjudicated by now.

    I wonder what is needed now? Has anyone experienced RFE at this juncture? What should I be expecting ?

    @piliriver: 140 approved last month, PD Oct-2004


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  • ilwaiting
    04-25 10:28 AM
    I was and is always a believer that PD should be the date a person started working on H1B. In this way fair treatment can be given to immigrants who are here "legally" and paying tens and thousands of dollars in taxes each year. The current immigration reform is broken. I was working in US since 1998 and was on H1B status since then. Due to simple twist of fate I had to move because my old employer was not doing well. I'm sure there are thousands of others like me.

    In enacting this law it would actually help USCIS itself help them in adjudicating cases. Moreover USCIS has complete entry exit record of employees and easy to adjudicate who was in or out of status on H1B/or any work visa.

    Think about it. When USCIS can allow a person who came in 2004/2005 get ahead me in the EB queue simply by using a substituted labor with an older PD and jumping in front of queue before me which "I think is unfair". I wonder why USCIS can't justify giving PD based on when a person started working on H1B visa(dual intent visa).

    Mind boggling and troubling immigration laws :confused:

    Does it make sense to request for first arrival date to be considered as the priority date for immigration purposes? Just a thought!!!

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  • lahiribaba
    02-11 02:41 AM
    I been a member of IV for a long time and just to keep myself anonymous for a while I created this account. I am so sorry for opening a thread in a completely irrelevant forum but I have no idea what to do. So, I request all the members to please help me by providing some kind of information.

    Here is my story:

    I came to US in 2002 and completed masters and been working since then. I got married couple of years ago. Whatever the monetary gifts the girls parents gave as part of the marriage, I put all that in an account on the girls name within 2 days of the marriage. We came to India and from then on the problems started. She and her parents want me to separate from my parents and support their family by sending money to their parents which I couldn't do. How can I leave my parents in their old age when they worked very hard to give a decent life. She has been harassing me mentally for this all the time. Recently her parents have been threatening me saying they will file dowry case in India if I don't send money or cut myself off from my parents. I provided for the girl in all possible ways, even encouraged her to join school to get a masters degree which she stopped soon. We had a baby recently and my parents visited us to help us with the baby. She started harassing them too by saying something or other.

    I am very frustrated at this situation and I don't know what to do. I am on H1B and applied for 485 too. At times I feel like applying for divorce but when I think about my little baby I am not able to take that step. The house we currently live in, I bought long before the marriage. It came to a situation where we cannot live together. I cannot ask her to go out of the house because she doesn't have anywhere to go and with the baby even if she leaves, it will be very tough. I said I will leave the house and stay in a apartment for which she threatens to commit suicide. So, I don't know what to do. I am worried about my baby because between all this my baby's life will be spoiled and I don't want that. Can anyone please tell me what I can do in this matter?

    Thank you very much for taking time to read this.

    You come from a society that practices dowry and expect monetary traansactions in arranged marraiges reap what you sow.


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  • andycool
    04-12 12:02 PM
    no answer ?

    May be they had some other Add Already posted :cool:..

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  • eagerr2i
    07-06 02:12 PM
    The USCIS automated line for Priority dates is still playing the PD's for June 2007 showing that EB-3 India cut off June 1st 2003 etc..

    We have so contrasting images of the efficiency of USCIS. Hope they keep the same tempo as of the last week of June on Oct 1st when the FY 2008 quota kicks in.

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  • sandy2575
    08-11 07:37 PM
    What category/country and what PD?


    03-09 11:28 AM

    missed the last 5 mins... Work came up.

    06-11 01:25 PM
    I agree GC makes a difference. If anyone as EAD thats as good as GC subject to your primany job not changing. So why not do side -business on EAD while your primary job is ON. Take it easy at job, dont overwork because without GC rarely people get promoted, if they are not extra-ordinary!

    Going to XYZ place because of no GC does not make sense. If you have potential you can use it here on EAD not necessarily in another country!

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